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About the Firm

The Law Office of Roth & Roth, P.A. began in 1956 as Nathaniel H. Roth, P.C., at 101 Clifton Avenue (corner of First Street), Lakewood, with Nathaniel H. Roth as a sole practitioner. In 1957, Mr. Roth purchased 241 First Street, a 1906 Victorian-style home located next door, which was being used as a rooming-house at the time, and converted it into a law office. He added a front porch, two attorney offices, and what was to become the most extensive private law library in Ocean County (in the time before the advent of the Internet when there were still only legal books used for research).
Jeffrey S. Roth, Attorney
Through the years Mr. Roth developed his legal practice, taking on several different associates to help him service his clients. He was also appointed as Municipal Court Judge in Jackson Township, as well as in various other towns throughout Ocean County. In 1974, Mr. Roth was involved in the famous insurance case Rova Farms v. Investor’s Insurance Co., which to this day is used as the precedential case regarding insurance bad faith.

In 1980, Mr. Roth took on his most important associate, his son, Jeffrey S. Roth, who had recently completed law school and passed the New Jersey Bar. The law firm subsequently became Roth & Roth, P.A. It continued with father and son working closely together through the years, helping numerous clients in many different areas of the law, including workers’ compensation, personal injury, real estate transactions, family matters, landlord-tenant, estates, estate planning, etc.

The practice has always prided itself, and continues to do so, for its personal attention and accessibility to its clients, with a family-type atmosphere from the minute you walk into the “house,” with the Roths often making house calls when clients are not capable of coming into the office themselves. The Roths always acquired their clients and business through referrals, rarely having the need for advertising, because of clients being so pleased with the handling of their cases, coming back time and again for new cases and also referring their friends, family, neighbors, and business associates.
Jeffrey S. Roth followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming Municipal Court Judge in Jackson Township, as well as other towns in both Monmouth and Ocean counties, while still maintaining his law practice. Several years ago, the practice returned to its beginnings with Jeffrey running the practice on his own, as Nathaniel retired from practicing law on a daily basis, although he did continue to pay visits to the office even up until a short time before his death in 2013 at the ripe old age of 92.

Jeffrey Roth is now specializing in workers’ compensation, personal injury, including motor vehicle and slip-and-fall accidents, real estate sales and purchases, and municipal court cases, including DWI (since he has retired as Municipal Court Judge after 25 years of experience and can now use his proficiency in this area to help his clients.) Attorney Roth holds membership in professional organizations that include the American Bar Association, New Jersey Bar Association, Ocean County Bar Association, and the New Jersey Association for Justice.
For more information about how he can assist you, Jeffrey can be contacted by phone at 732-363-6800, by fax at 732-363-9188, or by email at
info@rothandrothpa.com; or just come by to say “hello” and enjoy a cup of coffee, soda, or water and some old-fashioned candy.
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